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a photographic guide to




All photographs by James N. McNally except where noted & © James N. McNally


The numbers refer to the chronological order of construction as shown in William Allin Storrer’s excellent guidebook, The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright – A Complete Catalog.


Many of the photographs are raw and unedited


I respect private property and only shoot photos in spaces intended for public access. If this means some houses remain shrouded in trees, I accept this limitation.



S.002 & S.003 – Frank Lloyd Wright home & playroom addition, Oak Park, Illinois T G


S.002 – FLW home – interior views


S.004 – Frank Lloyd Wright Studio, Oak Park, Illinois T G


S.004 – Frank Lloyd Wright Garage Addition, Oak Park, Illinois O G


S.011 – Warren McArthur Residence & Remodeling, Chicago, Illinois


S.014 – George Blossom Residence, Chicago, Illinois


S.015 – Robert G. Emmond Residence, LaGrange, Illinois


S.016 – Thomas H. Gale Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.017 – R.P. Parker Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.020 – Walter M. Gale Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.023 – Francis Wooley Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.028 – Frederick Bagley Residence, Hinsdale, Illinois


S.029 – Peter Goan Residence, LaGrange, Illinois


S.030 – Francisco Terrace Apartments, Oak Park, Illinois


S.031 – Edward C. Waller Apartments, Chicago, Illinois


S.034  – Nathan G. Moore Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.035 – Nathan G. Moore Stable, Oak Park, Illinois


S.036 – Harrison Young Residence Alterations, Oak Park, Illinois


S.038 – Isodore H. Heller Residence, Chicago, Illinois


S.040 – Charles E. Roberts Residence Remodeling, Oak Park, Illinois


S.041 – Charles E. Roberts Stable Remodeling, Oak Park, Illinois


S.042 – Harry C. Goodrich Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.043 – George Furbeck Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.044 – Rollin Furbeck Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.045 – George W. Smith Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.051 – Edward R. Hills Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.058-S.060 – William G. Fricke/Emma Martin Residence, Alterations & Garage, Oak Park, Illinois


S.061 – William E. Martin Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.067 – Frank Wright Thomas Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.068 – E. Arthur Davenport Residence, River Forest, Illinois


S.074 – Arthur Heurtley Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.090 – Darwin D. Martin Gardener’s Cottage, Buffalo, New York


S.091 – J.J. Walser, Jr., Residence, Chicago, Illinois


S.094 – Scoville Park Fountain, Oak Park, Illinois


S.096 – Unity Temple, Oak Park, Illinois – exterior views T


              S.096 – Unity Temple – interior views T


S.097 – Robert M. Lamp Residence, Madison, Wisconsin


S.098 – Mrs. Thomas H. Gale Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.099 – Burton J. Westcott Residence, Springfield, Ohio T G


S.099A – Westcott pergola & garage


S.100 – Darwin D. Martin Residence, Buffalo, New York T


S.101 – Darwin D. Martin Conservatory, Buffalo, New York T


S.102 – Darwin D. Martin Garage, Buffalo, New York


S.103 – George Barton House, Buffalo, New York


S.104 – Edwin H. Cheney Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.105 – William R. Heath Residence, Buffalo, New York


S.114 – E-Z Polish Factory, Chicago, Illinois


S.116 – William  H. Pettit Mortuary Chapel, Belvidere, Illinois


S.117 – Peter A. Beachy Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.119 – River Forest Tennis Club, River Forest, Illinois


S.127 – Frederick C. Robie Residence, Chicago, Illinois T


S.128 – Ferdinand F. Tomek Residence, Riverside, Illinois


S.133 – George Blossom Garage, Chicago, Illinois


S.135 – Avery Coonley Residence, Riverside, Illinois


S.136 – Avery Coonley Gardener’s Cottage, Riverside, Illinois


S.137 – Avery Coonley Carriage House, Riverside, Illinois


S.138 – Stephen M.B. Hunt Residence #1, LaGrange, Illinois


S.139 – G.C. Stockman Residence, Mason City, Iowa  O


S.146 – E.A. Gilmore “Airplane House,” Madison, Wisconsin


S.148 – Meyer May Residence, Grand Rapids, Michigan T


              S.148 – Meyer May Residence – interior views T


S.149 – Walter V. Davidson Residence, Buffalo, New York


S.155 – City National Bank, Mason City, Iowa  T


S.156 – Park Inn Hotel, Mason City, Iowa  T


S.156 – Park Inn Hotel – interior views  T


S.157 – Law Office Remodeling, Mason City, Iowa


S.159 – William H. Copeland Garage, Oak Park, Illinois


S.164 – Rev. Jesse R. Ziegler Residence, Frankfort, Kentucky


Former S.166 – J.H. Amberg Residence, Grand Rapids, Michigan


S.174 – Avery Coonley Playhouse, Riverside, Illinois


S.179 – Harry S. Adams Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.179A – Detached Garage


S.180 – Midway Gardens, Chicago, Illinois


              Midway Gardens Sprites


S.197 – Ernest Vosburgh Residence, Grand Beach, Michigan




S.208 – Aline Barnsdall “Hollyhock” House, Los Angeles, California – exterior views T


              S.208 – “Hollyhock” House – interior views T


S.229 – Malcolm E. Willey Residence, Minneapolis, Minnesota


S.230 & S.231 – Edgar J. Kaufmann Residence “Fallingwater” & guest house, Mill Run, Pennsylvania T G


S.234 – Herbert Jacobs Residence, Madison, Wisconsin


S.251 – S.258 – Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida T


              S.251 – Pfeiffer Chapel


S.251 – Pfeiffer Chapel - interior views


              S.252 – E.T. Roux Library


S.252 – E.T. Roux Library - interior views


S.252 – Museum displays in Visitors Center


              S.253 – Seminar Buildings


S.253.1 – Isabel Walbridge Seminar Building


S.253.2 – Charles W. Hawkins Seminar Building


S.253.3 – Cora Carter Seminar Building


S.253A – Conversion of Seminar Buildings to offices


              S.254 – Industrial Arts Building


S.254 – Industrial Arts Building - interior views


              S.255 – Administration Buildings area


S.255A – Water Dome


S.255B – Emile E. Watson Administration Building


S.255C – Benjamin Fine Administration Building


S.255C – Fine Admin. Bld. – interior views


              S.256 – Polk County Science Building


S.256 – Polk County Science Building - interior views


S.256 – Polk County Science Building – 2nd floor & roofs


              S.257 – Esplanades (covered walkways)


              S.258 – Danforth Chapel


S.258 – Danforth Chapel - interior views


S.269 – Goetsch-Winckler Residence, Okemos, Michigan


S.273 – John C. Pew Residence, Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin  X


S.274 – Gregor S. Affleck Residence, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


S.281 – Carlton David Wall Residence (Snowflake), Plymouth, Michigan X


S.282 – Stuart Richardson Residence, Glen Ridge, New Jersey X


S.287 – Melvyn Maxwell Smith Residence, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


S.291 – Unitarian Meeting House, Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin T


S.291 – Unitarian Meeting House – interior views


S.294 – David I. Weisblat Residence, Galesburg, Michigan


S.295 – Eric Pratt Residence, Galesburg, Michigan


S.296 – Samuel Epstein Residence, Galesburg, Michigan


S.297 – Curtis Meyer Residence, Galesburg, Michigan


S.298 – Robert Levin Residence, Kalamazoo, Michigan


S.299 – Ward McCartney Residence, Kalamazoo, Michigan  X


S.300 – Eric V. Brown Residence, Kalamazoo, Michigan


S.301 – Robert D. Winn Residence, Kalamazoo, Michigan  X


S.311 – Charles E. Weltzheimer Residence, Oberlin, Ohio  X


S.312 – Erling P. Brauner Residence, Okemos, Michigan


S.312 – Mailbox detail


S.313 – James Edwards Residence, Okemos, Michigan


S.314 – Henry J. Neils Residence, Minneapolis, Minnesota


S.315 – Howard Anthony Residence, Benton Harbor, Michigan


S.319 – Kenneth Laurent Residence, Rockford, Illinois


S.328 – Donald Schaberg Residence, Okemos, Michigan


S.329 – Ina Moriss Harper Residence, Saint Joseph, Michigan


S.332 – William Palmer Residence, Ann Arbor, Michigan  X R


S.343 – Nathan & Jeanne Rubin Residence, Canton, Ohio X


Former S.348 – Wetmore Auto Service Station interior renovations, Ferndale, Michigan O


S.362 – John J. & Syd Dobkins Residence, Canton, Ohio


S.364 – Lewis H. Goddard Residence, Plymouth, Michigan  X


S.371 – Alice & Ellis A. Feiman Residence, Canton, Ohio


S.377 – I.N. Hagan Residence (Kentuck Knob), Chalkhill, Pennsylvania T G


S.379 – Cedric G. Boulter Residence, Cincinnati, Ohio


S.386 – Gerald B. Tonkens Residence, Amberley Village, Ohio


S.388 – Dorothy H. Turkel Residence, Detroit, Michigan


S.393 – Robert H. Sunday Residence, Marshalltown, Iowa


S.397 – Meyers Medical Clinic, Dayton, Ohio O


S.398 – Paul J. & Ida Trier Residence, Johnston, Iowa


S.400 – Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, New York O G


S.406 – Eugene VanTamelen Residence, Madison, Wisconsin X


S.412.1  –  Walter Rudin Residence, Madison, Wisconsin


S.426 – Carl Schultz Residence, Saint Joseph, Michigan


S.427 – Paul Olfelt Residence, St. Louis Park, Minnesota


S.430 – Seth Petersen Cottage, Lake Delton, Wisconsin R T




Unnumbered structures:


Monona Terrace, Madison, Wisconsin O G


Model – Ludd M. Spivey Cottage, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (unconstructed)


Faculty Housing/Visitor Center – Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida




O – signifies buildings that are open to the public but do not have tours

R – signifies buildings you can rent for overnight accommodations

T – signifies buildings with public guided or self-guided tours

X - signifies buildings that are shrouded in trees and may be more visible after the leaves have dropped

G- a full on-site gift shop is available; other properties may sell souvenirs, but not offer a wide selection

I welcome any updated info, particularly regarding tours and gift shops








All photographs and content © James N. McNally, except as noted





Rev’d 10/09/2011